Community Service-Learning for Spanish Heritage Learners: Making Connections and Building Identities
by Kelly Lowther-Pereira
John Benjamins Publishing Company
Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics book series : 18
ISBN 9789027263803

This book proposes community service-learning as a critical pedagogy that connects learners and communities to address key challenges in heritage language education.

The book’s purpose is two-fold: to fill a crucial gap in empirical research on community service-learning in the heritage language context, as well as to provide language educators and practitioners essential guidelines for designing community service-learning courses, with particular attention paid to the characteristics and needs of Spanish heritage language learners.  This book presents compelling evidence demonstrating the central role community service-learning plays in developing heritage language learners’ identities, connections to the heritage language community, language attitudes, and social, cultural, and sociolinguistic awareness.

Importantly, this book also addresses the often-overlooked perspectives of community partners and liaisons.  As the first original research monograph on community service-learning for Spanish heritage language learners, this pioneering book will undoubtedly aid students, instructors and administrators across all levels of language education.


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