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CDLC would like to pass along some flyers that are promoting upcoming participatory budgeting events. Flyers below are in English, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, and Arabic. The translations were provided by the Center for New North Carolinians.

Please attend any of these expos and distribute the flyers below!

English (EXPO DATES): Expo flyer

English (VOTING DATES): 3.2.16 Vote flyer

Spanish: Exposicion Comunitarios

Spanish: 3.2.16 Spanish Vote Flyer

Vietnamese: Viet.3.15.18 Vote Flyer

French: French VOTE

Arabic: 3.14.18 Vote Flyer Arabic-4

Expo Dates:

  • District 4 Expo: Monday, March 28
    • 6-8 pm
    • Benjamin Branch Library
    • 1530 Benjamin Pkwy
  • District 2 Expo
    • Tuesday, March 29
    • 6-8 pm
    • McGirt-Horton Library
    • 2501 Phillips Ave.
  • District 3 Expo
    • Wednesday, March 30
    • 6-8 pm
    • Central Library
    • 219 N. Church St.
  • District 1 Expo
    • Thursday, March 31
    • 6-8 pm
    • Hayes-Taylor YMCA
    • 2630 E. Florida St.
  • District 5 Expo
    • Friday, April 1
    • 6-8 pm
    • Griffin Recreation Center
    • 5301 Hilltop Rd.

For more information about VOTING dates, please click here.

Contact 336-373-7750 for more information!

Participatory Voting

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