fft-poster-2016‘Food for Thought’ is an event that offers free food and discourse! On several dates in the following months, ‘Food for Thought’ presenters will be in the North Spencer Parlor at noon.  During ‘Food for Thought,’ North Spencer is open to all visitors who’d like to join in the conversation and partake in free food. The College Ave entrance to North Spencer will also have a greeter to open the doors from approximately 11:50 to 12:10.
On September 28, Dr. Stephanie Kurtts, a CDCLC Grant Recipient from this previous year, will present on “Creating Global Communities with Online Collaborative Learning.”
Mark your calendars for these upcoming Food for Thought presenters for Fall 2016:

* September 14: Drs Janne and Rob Cannon, “Zika: a virus at the intersection of public health, fear, and ethics” 

* September 28: Dr. Stephanie Kurtts, “Creating Global Communities with Online Collaborative Learning” 

* October 26: Dr. Jonathan Zarecki, Topic: TBA 

* November 9: Dr. David Holian, Topic: Post-Election Evaluation

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