davidc.headshots-8_f_improf_150x198As part of UNCG’s Community Engagement Series, David Campt, Ph.D. will give a public talk on Wednesday, April 6th from 9:30am-11am in the Claxton Room, Elliott University Center. All are invited to attend! The title for Dr. Campt’s talk will be Dialogue and Participatory Decision-Making about Difficult Topics in Moments of Significant Community, Cultural, and Organizational Change.

Dr. Campt is a civic engagement expert and meeting strategist who discusses lessons from his diverse experiences in creative meetings, conferences, and larger processes that are designed to maximize the inclusion of diverse voices in order to leverage collective brainpower. He will explore the methods, underlying principles, and necessary skills that are relevant not only for creating more inclusive and generate better processes within UNCG but also relevant when we want to engage effectively and reciprocally with colleagues outside of UNCG via community-university partnerships.

There will also be a workshop with Dr. Campt on Thursday, April 7th from 11:30am-2:00pm with lunch provided. Registration is required for attending this workshop. This interactive workshop is intended for UNCG faculty, staff, and community members who could benefit from revisiting current processes to address difficult issues, make decisions, or fashion organizational plans. This session will give participants a chance to explore new possibilities for the new ways that techniques in dialogue, deliberation, and group wisdom might improve current plans on the table. Registration is required as participants will be sent pre-workshop materials and requests. For more information and registration details visit:https://communityengagement.uncg.edu/2015-2016-speaker-series-2/

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