The theme for the second annual Diversity in Languages and Cultures Conference is Love and Compassion in Education.

As classrooms become increasingly diverse yet political and social climates become ever more hostile, it is important that educators focus on fundamental qualities of humanity and ensure that love and compassion are at the forefront of teaching and learning. With love and compassion, the relationships that form in educational spaces are important and can help combat the negative detritus created from marginalizing and oppressive policies, over testing, monolingual and monocultural ideologies, and scripted curriculum created for one-size-fits all purposes. Love and compassion are not commonly discussed in education, and love especially may be a taboo subject of discussion, we challenge why this is.

With this year’s theme, we ask educators to consider why and how love and compassion matter in education. What does it look like in action? How do we create spaces where all students thrive? How can education be a platform for activism? How do we make our schools a better place where community, kindness, gratitude, and relationships matter? In what ways, if at all, can love and compassion make our schools a better place for students, teachers, and parents?

At the Coalition for Diversity in Language and Culture we will be considering the book written by the keynote speaker for the upcoming conference during our meetings this year.

Sentipensante (sensing/thinking) pedagogy: Educating for wholeness, social justice and liberation by Laura I. Rendón will be discussed at every meeting and you are invited to participate.

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