Community Engaged Research and Practice Course

Brief Description:

This is a service-learning (SL) course. UNCG’s Office of Leadership and Service-Learning defines SL as “linking community action and academic study so that each strengthens the other. Students, faculty, and community partners collaborate to enable students to address community needs, initiate social change, build effective relationships, enhance academic skills and develop civic literacy. SL encourages critical consideration of the ethical dimensions of community engagement.”

Given that building meaningful community partnerships is fundamental to this course, it should be understood that students will follow through on their projects beyond the semester if necessary. At a minimum, students should share the research findings with their community partners.


Course Flyer: 

Spring 2015 – SES/ELC/TED 770: COMMUNITY ENGAGED RESEARCH & PRACTICE  [download link]


Past Course Syllabus:

Spring 2013 – SES/ELC 770: COMMUNITY ENGAGED RESEARCH & PRACTICE  [download link]

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