The Coalition for Diversity in Language and Culture (CDLC) has issued a call for grant proposals which must be in line with CDLC’s mission to “design and implement research agendas responsive to identified diverse language communities…”. Details are in the attached document but the basic submission information is:

  • Proposals should be no more than two, single-spaced pages and should include: 
    • 1) the names and affiliations of all applicants; 
    • 2) goals/purposes, including how this aligns with the CDLC mission;
    •  3) expected activities and outcomes, including the involvement of each member; and
    •  4) a budget that outlines the plan for the allocation of funds.
  • Submission: Please fill out this form and attach the proposal there. 
  •  Application Deadline: December 1, 2019 by 11:59 pm (Late applications will not be accepted.)
  • Eligibility: Individuals or groups with at least one UNCG faculty (tenured, tenure track, or clinical)
  • Award Amount: up to $3,000 per proposalAt least two proposals will be funded. 

Questions can be addressed to Nora Bird,

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