List of Accomplishments

Highlights from 2015

CDLC Research Presentations and Publications

  • Gonzalez, L. M. (2015, March). Finding your voice: A GEAR UP leadership camp at UNCG. Presented at UNCG School of Education Coalition of Diverse Language Communities brown bag series, Greensboro, NC.
  • Obenchain, K., Alarcón, J.D., Lynch, A. and Turinetti, M. presented Identity enactments: Toward Understanding Educators as Integral Actors in the Figured World of Corvinus presented at the International Assembly of the National Council for the Social Studies Annual Meeting, Fall 2015
  • He, Y., Bettez, S. C., & Levin, B. (2015). Refugees and immigrants share their stories: Critical incidents, expectations, and structures of schooling. Urban Education, 1-29. doi:10.1177/0042085915575579

Partnership Planning and Personnel

  • Statements from CDLC Assistant Professors regarding the importance of CDLC in terms of their scholarship, teaching, and tenure efforts were compiled.
  • Collaboration continues with Dr. Larry Coble, AEC, CNNC and other groups on campus and in the community.
  • CDLC leadership met with The Community Foundation to discuss possible links between CDLC projects and foundation grant opportunities.
  • CDLC leadership met with Steve Moore of Degrees Matter! to discuss collaboration activities.
  • CDLC leadership met with Dr. Terri Shelton to update her on project activities and to discuss funding and logistical support from her office.
  • Release time for Belinda Hardin and Silvia Bettez to help coordinate CDLC activities provided time for them to meet with foundations, staff from related campus programs, and to coordinate CDLC activities.
  • CDLC forged new partnerships in 2014-2015 with Allen Middle School.

Teaching and Professional Development

  • Silvia Bettez (ELC) and Jeannette Alarcón (TED) co-taught the CDLC designed, Community Engaged Research and Practice (ELC/TEHE 770) course in Spring 2015.

Grant Activity

  • CDLC and CNNC applied for a grant from the Community Foundation to develop multiple Interpreter Training curricula for an amount of $9,680 with Maha and Colleen as PIs. We expect to hear from them in April.
  • To provide continued support for the Real World English Project for ESL parents at Allen Middle School, several CDCL members received a grant from USTEP. Jewell Cooper is the PI on this grant. Melody Zoch and Ye He are Co-PIs.
  • Several CDLC members received a $15,000 grant from Dollar General to support the Real World English Project for ESL parents to be held at Allen Middle School during the 2015-16 school year. Jewell Cooper and Melody Zoch are the PIs on this grant.

Outreach, Events, and Community Service

  • Community Voices project met regularly at Allen Middle School to volunteer providing instructional tutorials for parents on topics such as navigating the educational system in the U.S. while also working with the children. The project team began regular work in January and continue on until the end of April 2015.
  • Working Papers on Language and Diversity in Education was established in Fall 2014. The Editorial Board will output the first edition of the journal in the Summer of 2015. Editorial board: Patrick Hales (TEHE), Carrie Hart (ELC), and Oksana Naumenko (ERM). Faculty advisors Jamie Schissel (TEHE), Colleen Fairbanks (TEHE), and Nora Bird (LIS).
  • CDLC will host a booth at the 2015 UNCG International Festival (Spring 2015)
  • The Textured Dialogues tapestry was loaned to several places in North Carolina including:
    • the New Arrivals Institute for display at their annual fundraising event and to generate interest and discussion in the multiple meanings of education
    • the UNCG School of Education for display at the Homecoming event in 2014 to generate discussion about education from diverse perspectives.
    • the Harnett County library for a community event at a branch library located in an elementary school and for display at the main public library.
  • The 2014-15 CDLC Speaker Series included 7 presentations, including 4 by CDLC Fellowship recipients who presented the results of their 2013-14 projects:
    • Melody Zoch and Amy Vetter presented on “Promoting Equitable Literacy Education for Students from Diverse Cultural and Linguistic Backgrounds by Supporting Teachers Through Professional Development” on April 2, 2015.
    • Krycya Flores Rojas presented on Jigna Dharod’s, School of Health and Human Sciences, project titled Feeding the family in a foreign country: Understanding home food environment and food insecurity experiences of Latino immigrants on April 2, 2015.
    • Laura Gonzalez and DiAnne Borders presented “Finding Your Voice: A Gear Up Camp at UNCG” on March 5, 2015.
    • Jeffrey Reaser and Walt Wolfram gave the talk “Talkin’ Tar Heel and Educating the Educated: Linguistic Diversity in the University Backyard” on February 19, 2015.

CDLC Fellowships Awarded

  • Jeannette Alarcón, School of Education, for Exploring School Culture within the Context of Heritage Schools and Mother Tongue Learning Spaces in Romania (2014-2015).
  • Jewell Cooper, Craig Peck, and Revital Zilonka, School of Education, with Kattya Castellon, UNCG Admissions, for We Want to Learn With You: Engaging Parents from Immigrant and Refugee Communities in Learning English (2014-2015).
  • Maha Elobeid, Center for New North Carolinians, with Jamie Schissel, School of Education, for The Interpreter ACCESS program (2014-2015).

Past Awards

For detailed information about our Awards History, please view this document: CDLCAccomplishmentsupto2015_final.docx (1)

CDLC Publications and Conference Papers

  • Policy article co-authored by Ye He, Amy Vetter, and Colleen Fairbanks, titled “Reframing Literacy Practices for English Learners in US Schools,” accepted for publication in English Education. Fall 2012
  • Belinda Hardin and two graduate students submitted a manuscript based on the ASL focus group study to Exceptional Children in October 2012.
  • American Educational Studies Association (AESA) presentation by Silvia Bettez in November 2012: Teacher love and respect at a newcomer school: Refugee stories of mothers and daughters from Iraq.
  • Literacy Research Association (LRA) presentation in December 2012 by Colleen Fairbanks, Claire Lambert, and Amy Vetter: Community Voices and The Problem of English: Rethinking Language Practices.
  • AERA presentation in April 2013 by Ye He, Silvia Bettez, and Barbara Levin: Imagined Community of Education: Voices from Refugees and Immigrants.
  • Building on the analysis of Chinese focus group data, Professor He submitted a paper to the American Education and Chinese Wisdom 2013 annual conference.
  • Colleen Fairbanks, Belinda Hardin, Bev Faircloth, Devdass Sunnassee, Jamie Schissel, Melody Zoch and Emily Janke have written an American Educational Research Association (AERA) proposal themed Diverse language communities: community-engaged research (CER) in Winter 2014. Community engagement is a particular lens through which one can examine diverse language communities (DLCs).

CDLC Professional Development – internal and external PD

  • Providing online TESOL PD has been supported by the Reynolds Foundation and TESOL for ALL. There have been three offerings in 2012 reaching over 50 teachers. The fourth offering beginning in January 2013 has 40 teachers registered.
    • We are in discussions with Dr. Coble about how to market this online PD, take it to scale across NC, and we are seeking funds to revise and add new modules based on feedback and changing needs. Fall 2012
  • Online PD for LEA teachers: Online professional development (PD) being provided to prepare 22 teachers from across the Piedmont region to take and pass the ESL PRAXIS II exam, October 2011- May 2012
    • Co-sponsored by the TESOL for ALL grant and the Reynolds foundation
  • Co-sponsored with AEC a Brown Bag Series for 2012-2013:
    • Dr. Omer Omer presented, October 11, 2012
      • Presentation included information about what immigrant and refugee parents and students need from educators in North Carolina
    • Drs. Clara M. Chu, Nora J. Bird, and Fatih Oguz presented, November 8, 2012
      • Provided information on Project APRCH (Agency in the Preservation of Refugee Cultural Heritage), which asks refugees to speak in their own voice (agency) about the preservation of their cultural heritage
  • CDLC-sponsored Brown Bag Series for Spring 2011:
    • Dr. Silvia Bettez presented her research, March 18, 2011
      • Presentation titled: The Experiences and Impact of Translocational Positionality in Educational Spaces: Refugee Stories of Mothers and Daughters from Burma and Iraq
    • Dr. Laura Gonzalez presented her research with Dr. Gabriela Stein, April 29. 2011
      • Presentation titled: Caminos al Futuro: Pathways to the Future! A study of the intersection of educational aspirations, family and cultural influences, experiences in school, and depressive symptomatology
  • Faculty Professional Development offered by CDLC:
    • The ABC’s of Public Policy was a day-long professional development for about 20 faculty members, November 20, 2010.  The presenters included:  Dr. Thomas Little, UNCG/ SLLF; Rep. Maggie Jeffus, NCGA; Dr. Catherine Scott-Little, UNCG; and Michael R. Komaschka, Lobbyist, SR Manager Legislative Policy and Advocacy, Reynolds American, Inc.
  • International Experience: SOE Student Panel Discussion” event took place at the School of Education on November 21st, 2013. At this CDLC sponsored event, students spoke about their transformative experiences studying abroad.
  • Textured Dialogues: A Tapestry of Immigrant Perspectives on the Meaning of Education” event took place as a result of a qualitative project sponsored by the CDLC on October 5th, 2013. The project entailed conducting focus groups with parents who represent local diverse language communities about their experiences with education in the US.

CDLC Research projects, including affiliated research

  • Community Voices Project
    • Focus groups completed with members of the Latina moms community (one with Mexican mothers and another with women from South America), Chinese parents, ASL community (two focus groups), Liberians, and Sudanese
    •  IRB approval received Spring 2011
    • Data analysis is underway to learn from these groups about their educational experiences in their country of origin,  what their educational needs are in US, and how as educators we might be of service to the community and the schools their children attend
    • Plans during Spring 2012 for more focus groups with members of the Hmong, Montagnard, Bhutanese, Saudi Arabia, Iraqi, Korean, and a second group from China.
  • Family Bilingual Information & Observation (Family-BIO) Questionnaire
    • Completed affiliated research by Dr. Belinda Hardin and Catherine Scott-Little on Developing and Pilot Testing the Formulario Familiar Bilingue de Información y Observación (BIO-Famliar/ Family Bilingual Information & Observation (BIO) Questionnaire. Applied for an IES grant to conduct a large scale reliability and validity study on the BIO. Submitted a manuscript to a peer-review journal on the pilot study. Presenting results at AERA and ACEI in Spring 2012.
    • Began affiliated research study in Fall 2011, Intersection: Multicultural perspectives of immigrant families who have children with disabilities, which includes individual interviews with immigrant parents of young children with disabilities from five communities to understand their home culture views of disabilties and how they changed after their children entered the US special education system.
    • Began Phase 1 of affiliated study in Fall 2011 to examine the reliability and validity of the ACEI Global Guidelines Assessment in ten countries and 15 local sites.
  • Policy article co-authored by Ye He, Amy Vetter, and Colleen Fairbanks, titled “Reframing Literacy Practices for English Learners in US Schools,” accepted for publication in English Education. Fall 2012.
  • The Community Voices project is envisioned to be a long strong of videos on the topic of college access. CNNC is advising CDLC as to the marketing to the local community. ALIANZA is a key contributor in identifying students that will be included in video interviews.

Grant Activities

  • Professors He, Fairbanks, and Chalhoub-Deville, worked in collaboration with Guilford County Schools to submit an IES Researcher- Practitioner Partnership Grant proposal titled “Making data-driven decisions for English learners: A partnership between educational researchers and practitioners” in September 2012, ~$400,000
  • Professors He and Cooper received USTEP grant proposal titled “Teachers Teaching Teachers Through Video: Strengthening our Instructional Delivery for English Learners”in collaboration with Smith HS, October 2012, $3,000.
  • Professors Bettez, Hardin, Levin, and Vetter developed two grant proposals during Fall 2102 titled Community Voices: A Video Voice Project for Refugee and Immigrant Families, andCommunity Voices: Refugee and Immigrant Families Speak to Educator.  We are currently working with UNCG’s Development Office to seek funding from Z. Smith Reynolds for these two grants of about $100,000 each. Participant in National Professional Development Grant, May 2011, ~$1.5 million
  • CDLC members involved in STEM-focused grant to house TESOL PD for STEM teachers at Smith HS.
  • Submitted Greensboro Community Foundation grant, March 2011, $5000, unfunded

CDLC Partnership Activities

  • Meeting with Raleigh Bailey to discuss partnering with CNNC, January 2012
    • Raleigh will attend CDLC meetings beginning February 2012
  • Collaborating with SOE Access and Equity Committee on research and service, Fall 2011
    • Chair of A&E Committee now attends all CDLC meetings
  • CDLC and AEC co-sponsoring Brown Bag Series for 2012-2013
  • Consulted with representatives of UNCG including Provost Perrin,Terry Shelton, SERVE (Ludi vonBroekheizen), Undergraduate Studies (Steve Robeson, Student Success Center (John Foreman), CNNC (Raleigh Bailey), and GCS Enrichment Area (John Eldridge) regarding partnerships and/or collaborative activities.
  • The CNNC meeting in February 2014 brought to light the scope and sequence of program operations. CNNC has decided to write for a CDLC Fellowship grant for the Language Facilitators project. If awarded, part of the funding from CDLC will be for scholarship.

Planning and Personnel

  • Release time for Professor Chalhoub-Deville to help coordinate CDLC activities has been invaluable to get the various projects/activities planned and coordinated. Fall 2012
  • Professors Chalhoub-Deville, He, and Hardin along with Dean Wixson are collaborating with faculty from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders on pursuing professional preparation grants from DPI and elsewhere. Fall 2012
  • Held a successful Summer 2012 retreat to plan CDLC work for the academic year.  Plans include: grant writing, community-engaged research projects, community outreach, course development, and developing needed publicity materials.
  • Finalized informational materials (logo, folders, brochure, biographies, etc.) to share about CDLC. Fall 2012
  • Compiled statements from CDLC Assistant Professors regarding the importance of CDLC in terms of their scholarship, teaching, and tenure efforts. Fall 2012
  • Finalized the CDLC Fellows Guidelines.  SOE tenured, tenure track, or clinical faculty may apply to these competitive Fellowships.  Fellowships support those engaged in research, grant writing and implementation as well as other activities that fulfill the CDLC mission.  Each CDLC Fellows’ proposal will receive up to $3,000 for work (in Summer 2014).
  • Continuing to collaborate with Dr. Larry Coble, AEC, CNNC and other groups on campus and in the community on future projects. Fall 2012
  • Continuing to recruit new members from SOE faculty and other departments on campus. Interest in CDLC is growing. Fall 2012
  • Professor Jewell Cooper is organizing for Spring 2013 a repeat of the College Access Panel – a panel of first-generation college students sharing experiences with high school students and their families.  The panel was offered last year at Smith High School.  CDLC is soliciting support to convene the panel at various schools in the area. Fall 2012
  • Received permission to plan a center from Provost’s Office, April 2012
  • Regular planning meetings held 6-8 times per year since Summer 2010
  • Multiple meetings with potential UNCG partners/collaborators
    • Led to partnerships with AEC and CNNC
  • Extended summer planning retreats, 2010, 2011, and 2012
    • Developed Vision, Mission, Goals, Activities, and potential budget
    • Received financial support for planning and development from Dean Schunk, Terry Shelton, Provost Perrin, and Dean Wixson for work on grant writing, community-engaged research projects, community outreach, course development, and planning retreats.