The Real World English (RWE) program for adult English learners (ELs), housed at Allen Middle School, started its sixth semester on September 9, 2017.

Our mission is to offer a culturally-responsive program that supports language and community development through practical English instruction for adult learners. To accomplish this we offer free English instruction at three levels to adult ELs. We also provide STEAM activities for their children. Classes meet on 12 Saturday mornings in the Fall and 12 more Saturdays in the Spring. These three-hour classes are taught by volunteer instructors, all experienced teachers, half of whom are bilingual in Spanish. After registering and evaluating the needs of the 61 adults, mostly Spanish-speakers who want to improve their English, the Real World English program is off to a great start. The curricular theme this Fall is Communities, and we are using a pacing guide created by one of our instructors that details important language functions and language forms for beginners, early intermediate, intermediate, and advanced English learners. We are grateful for the many UNCG student volunteers who assist in the children’s program, and we could not operate this program without the generous support of Allen Middle School, the Coalition for Diverse Language Communities (CDLC) at UNCG, Guilford Parent Academy, the TESOL Department of Guilford County Schools, and the Hispanic Community Coalition of Greensboro. They are all great partners in this endeavor.

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