14th Language Learning Series


The 14th Language Learning Series with a focus on Teaching a Second/ Foreign Language will be held at UNCG on Saturday, October 31st, from 9:30am- 12pm. The event will be in the MHRA Building (map below) MHRA 1214.


Please, RSVP by October 25th to megarcia@uncg.edu. This event is free, sponsored by the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, UNCG.

A 3-hour attendance diploma will be available upon request.


The topics to be presented are:


J. Munson Bilingual Education: Challenges and Opportunities for L2 Teachers

Celsi Bermudez Negotiating Meaning

Molly Rose Reininger Overgeneralization as progress in second language acquisition

Tatia D. Beal L2 Student Differences with Implicit vs. Explicit Input

Oscar Ruiz The Importance of Bilingual Education in the school systems

Carmen Obregón Salama Recommended teaching practices and accommodations for students with learning disabilities in the foreign language classroom

Kevin M. Ore Let’s flip education

Ayesha M. Coleman Swinton Identifying barriers to the use of technology enhanced language learning (TELL) among secondary and college level world language instructors

Hilaire Halsch The Function of Music in Language Acquisition

Rose Griffin Using technology to increase motivation and engagement in the language classroom

Carmen Calhoun Language Anxiety in the L2 classroom


Click here for more information.

Click here for a campus map.

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